Teenager At Shamrock Hotel Talks About Elephant in Room

Garth Brooks, 18, from California Gully, was unaware of the faux pas he was making.

“There was a freaking elephant in the room!” he said with eyes wide.

Yes, a four metre tall, 6 tonne African elephant was in the basement bar of the Shamrock Hotel.

Most people knew to say nothing.

But Mr Brooks couldn’t help himself.

“How the hell did it get in there?” he asked.

“What? You think someone brought it in for show and tell?”

The understanding of not talking about an elephant in a room is as ancient as keeping someone’s mum hidden under floorboards when asked not to spread a secret, perhaps with a gag over her mouth and feed using a drip.

Yet on the elephant topic Brooks continued to yap.

“It couldn’t have fit in the elevator!” he said. “What? You think it walked down the stairs for a drink? Can an elephant even navigate stairs? Surely it would tumble forward and slam into a wall.”

Distinguishable from an Asian elephant by the language it speaks and lack of interest in curry, the male African elephant was seen leaving the bar around taxi time with a female giraffe.

“Sure,” said Brooks. “Why judge? I mean, we all scored that night. It was great.”

Apparently elephants bring good luck, especially if the trunk is up, and his trunk was up.

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