Young Indian Children Found Working in Bendigo Mine

Astounding scenes this week as children were seen fleeing a Bendigo mine where they had been forced to work.

“It’s incomprehensible,” said Dr Henry Jones Jr, a Professor of Archaeology at Marshall College, USA. “How they managed to keep this a secret is beyond me.”

Reports indicate that the children had been held at the mine to search for some sacred stones under the savage order of the Thuggee cult.

“Dr Jones knows very well that the Thuggee cult has been dead for nearly a century,” corrected mine media manager Chatter Lal.

At this Dr Jones shook his head as two officials from the mine were lead away by police officers.

“You don’t believe me, Dr. Jones? You will, Dr. Jones. You will become a true believer,” stated a drenched and lucky to be alive Mola Ram, mine manager, from the back of a police van.

The mine had been positioned near a gorge and seemingly in operation for hundreds of years, considering the infrastructure and substantial progress made into rock face using substandard equipment.

“They have been worshiping Kali, the goddess of Death and Destruction,” Dr Jones explains of a large altar posited under a fearsome face, with flame pits for eyes and erected above an open layer of lava.

Technically impressive, it is all pretty creepy stuff for children to be involved in, so we’re glad they’re out.

Yet some parts, including a mine cart roller-coaster (best traveled left) and a rope bridge swing, have their appeals.

“Hang on lady, we going for a ride,” one child was overheard stating.

Amazingly the film rights have already been optioned.

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