Long Gully Publican Calls Last Drinks After 1 Day

Jeff Richards has only spent 1 day as the Publican of Long Gully’s Laughing Pig Hotel. He has decided that it is finally time to retire.

The Laughing Pig Hotel has been put up for sale but the memories it holds for Mr Richards, and all those who have been staff or patrons, will remain.

“The day was a killer. Working at the Laughing Pig has taken away from valuable Fortnite gaming time.”

Reflecting on his minutes as the business owner was difficult for Mr Richards. He says he could talk for hour about the experiences from the past two hours. There are probably enough stories to fill a book, maybe two. Maybe even a Tweet.

3 key pieces of memorabilia sit on the bar: an old staff photograph from sometime in June 2018, a sketched image of the pub, and a giant novelty plaque awarded to “The Greatest Boss in the World.”

The name Laughing Pig goes back to the legend of George Lansell who had a pet pig named ‘Captain Oinks.” Captain Oinks was recognised as a hero after rescuing 5 miners from the now Central Deborah Gold Mine. Urban legend says the mine holds the remains of the Captain.

He thinks he might have stayed at the business “a little too long” but Mr Richards says he has no regrets about his 2 hours at the Laughing Pig.

“Who knows what’s around the corner. There’s the old classic line ‘smell the roses’ [but] you know, I don’t know what that means.”

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