Iron Jock Title 2016

The Iron Jock 2016 title will be up for grabs next weekend at The Zone Entertainment Complex. Iron Jocks from all around the world will make their way to the destination and battle their way to see who is 2016 Iron Jock of the year.

The day will include some events to be remembered. “Swimming with a crown of thorns down the spedos” and the “Wedgy in the edgy” event is to be the main attraction.

Last years Iron Jock, Jack Jackson says “I’m back, and ready to go and no one can stop me!”

Organisers of the event are hoping that Olympic officials will take a peek and hopefully have it as an Olympic event.  This is likely as it has full support of most officials.

Event Starts Next Saturday 10am with a free lunch and free entry. Bring the kids!

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