Woman Suspects The Neighbour Who Bought A Tesla Is The Mystery OzLotto Winner

As she peers through her curtains, Jan Newphone believes her neighbour is the mystery $20m OzLotto winner.

“That Tesla’s been sitting out the front of their house for three days,” said Mrs Newphone. “You can’t afford a Tesla on a Shelf Stacker salary”

The 76 year old is also Bendigo’s oldest Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. “They have all kinds of visitors going in and out of there, and they’re not even practising social distancing!”

“A bunch of tradies spent the whole day there yesterday. I think I saw a pool table being delivered. How can they afford that when I can’t?” she asked her husband.

“I would probably go over there and ask them for a ride if it wasn’t for covid restrictions,” she told The Bendigo Standard. “I don’t really know them too well. They’re probably nice people but their dog keeps crapping on our nature strip.”

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