Local Man Excited to Spend Life Savings For Priceless Easter Fair Experience

With the annual Bendigo Easter Fair just around the corner, resident Barry O’Sullivan has reportedly been counting down the days until he can trade his entire year’s salary for vertigo-inducing rides and suspicious carnival games.

“I’m happy to eat cheap noodles for a year if I get to ride the Vomit Comet for a minute and a half,” said Mr O’Sullivan, a bank worker who has been saving money for the thrilling time of being in a shaky metal cage and thrown around by a carnival worker who smokes a lot.

People are amazed by O’Sullivan’s love for the Bendigo Easter Fair. Sources say he has a whole room in his small apartment filled with expensive stuffed toys and cheap plastic things he’s won over the years.

“When I see my fake Disney characters with uneven eyes, I remember the magic of the fair,” said O’Sullivan, touching a funny-looking Pikachu with one ear missing. “Times like these make it worth every dollar.”

Even though fair tickets cost a lot and some rides might not be safe, O’Sullivan won’t change his mind. He says the Bendigo Easter Fair gives him a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be found anywhere else, like the smell of burning grease and two exciting parades.

“Where else can you find a haunted house that feels like it might fall apart any second? That’s a rush you can’t buy with money,” said Mr O’Sullivan.

When asked about using all his pay for one fun day, Mr O’Sullivan still thinks the Bendigo Easter Fair is worth it.

“I could use that money for a new car or a house down payment, but then I’d miss the fun of getting a ping pong ball into a small fishbowl to win a goldfish that might die in a week,” he said.

“I’ve planned my whole day, from when I’ll buy my first expensive churro to when I’ll feel sick from the rides,” said O’Sullivan, showing a very detailed spreadsheet. “I can’t wait to make memories that’ll last forever, or at least until next year’s fair.”

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