Cashier Accidentally Serves Own Mum Buying Condoms

An unnamed cashier in a local supermarket was left red-faced today after accidentally serving his mum.

His mother was wearing a Collingwood guernsey, activewear and Ugg-Crocs.

She placed to put the pack of earplugs and condoms on the conveyer belt not realising her 16-year-old son was working the register. The young man was caught off guard and put the closed sign on the register and asked his Mum to use the self-service checkout instead.

The mother replied “Why are you so embarrassed? Your Father and I are very sexual beings.”

His manager overheard the argument and demanded him to keep the register open. The mother responded with “I bought the earplugs so it wouldn’t look awkward.”

The young man replied “It’s not the condoms, it’s the Collingwood Guernsey. I can’t believe you’re embarrassing me like that.”

The young man had to walk home after his parents refused to pick him up at the end of his shift.

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