Unidentified Substance Found in Groovin The Moo’s Water Supply, Turns Out to Be Glitter

In a bizarre turn of events, the Groovin The Moo’s water supply was contaminated with an unidentified substance. After extensive testing, it was determined that the mysterious substance was, in fact, glitter.

The festival organizers reassured festival-goers that the glitter was non-toxic and posed no threat to human health. They even went so far as to encourage attendees to embrace the unexpected sparkle in their water.

Many festival-goers seemed unfazed by the revelation, some even suggesting that the glitter-infused water had improved the taste of Bendigo water. “It’s like drinking unicorn tears,” remarked one enthusiastic attendee.

Despite the initial confusion and concern, Groovin The Moo has once again spread joy and sparkle to all who attend.

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