Groovin The Moo’s Porta-Loos Named Bendigo’s Cleanest Toilets

Porta-loos at Groovin The Moo (GTM) festival has been named Bendigo’s cleanest toilets. This prestigious title was granted by “Superior Hygienic Innovation in Toilets” (SHIT).

Insiders say the decision was made after the SHIT assessed the dunnies at the music festival. They found that the porta-loos exhibited a level of cleanliness not seen in public toilets in the CBD.

“Great, now I have to pay to get into Groovin The Moo just so I can drop the kids off at the pool,” said one shopper.

“This is a bold statement,” said resident Ash. “I never thought I’d see the day when a festival porta-loo would outshine our town’s crappers. It’s a game changer!”

The music festival’s organizers were just as astonished. “We’re thrilled to receive this honour,” said a spokesperson.

Only time will tell if this bold move pays off for the town of Bendigo. For now, the Groovin The Moo porta-loos will bask in their newfound glory as Bendigo’s best toilets.

The Bendigo Standard
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