Groovin The Moo Unleashes Brown Note, Neighbours Devastated by Uncontrollable Bowel Movements

Groovin The Moo has inadvertently weaponised sound in an unprecedented turn of events. Neighbours are left crying “foul” as they experience the Brown Note, a sonic frequency causing involuntary defecation.

The spontaneous pooping could be heard as far away as Maiden Gully and Golden Square.
“It’s like an earthquake in my colon,” cried Betty Grumble from North Bendigo as she frantically clutched her stomach. “It’s the poopocalypse!”

The festival denies responsibility. “It’s just a happy accident,” organisers insist.

Environmentalists have praised the incident, noting the potential for a lush, green aftermath. “A little fertiliser never hurt anyone,” one activist said.

As the community braces for further bowel bombardments, residents are stocking up on toilet paper, preparing for the long, brown battle ahead.

“It’s all about that bass,” said a Groovin The Moo Spokesperson.

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