Study Finds 7 Out of 10 Bendigo Dogs Prefer Craft Beer to Tap Water

A recent study confirmed that 70% of Bendigo dogs have a refined taste for craft beer over mundane tap water. This ground-breaking study was conducted by the Canine Craft Beer Committee (CCBC), a group of devoted pet owners and beer enthusiasts.

The study involved testing 100 local dogs offered craft beer and tap water in a blind taste test. To ensure fairness, the beer was presented in an unmarked dog bowl.

Not only did most dogs choose craft beer, but they also showed a distinct preference for hoppy IPAs and fruity sours. Researchers were awed as these cultured canines lapped the artisanal brews with gusto.

The CCBC has called for bars and restaurants in Bendigo to cater to this newfound canine craving by offering dog-friendly beer. The group’s spokesperson, Michelle Barkley, stated, “Our dogs deserve the best, and it’s time to raise the bar on what we offer our furry friends.”

Critics argue the study is flawed, citing a lack of feline participants. The CCBC has dismissed these claims, saying cats are notoriously difficult to please and would only turn their noses up at craft beers anyway.

The Bendigo Standard
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