Local Man Gives Three Thumbs Up To Bendigo’s Smallest Parma

A local man has given three thumbs up on Facebook today when he ordered the ‘fun-sized’ chicken parma.

Matt Wakefield said “This is a great meal. I wasn’t that hungry to begin with so this is great. Three thumbs up.” He was born with an extra right thumb, also known as Koala hand.

The Club Arms in Strath Heights went boutique with their meal sizes three years ago and it’s paid off. The Parma is 5cm across and comes with tiny chips and a dot of gravy all for $55. “The parma goes down well with our own craft beer called ‘Game Changer Beer.’

The Club Arms has a great choice of pub meals including deconstructed chicken schnitzel, pizza burger and taco doughnuts which puts a fun spin on Taco Tuesday’s.

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