Teachers Reveal: Burst Pipe On Napier St Upgrade Was Just An Excuse To Get A 4 Day Weekend

Local teachers announced today that last Friday’s burst pipe on the Napier street upgrade was an act of sabotage so teachers could get a four day weekend.

The leak caused damage and flooding to nearby homes and schools. There was also no water for toilets and bubble taps forcing the school to close.

The unnamed saboteur spoke exclusively with The Bendigo Standard. “I did it because I needed to finish my pergola,” he said.

An unnamed school student said, “There was no water so a bully couldn’t flush my head down the toilet.”

Some parents weren’t happy about leaving work early to pick their kids up. “I wasn’t happy about leaving work early to pick my kids up. I was really enjoying that 4-hour meeting on Friday.” said one parent.

Teachers said they are overworked after returning from a 5 week Christmas break. “I wanna go back to Bali as I was there over for four weeks at Christmas. We work hard dealing with other peoples kids all day and couldn’t wait for Easter” said one teacher.

We needed a 4-day break from hearing kids talk about Fortnite. It’s not that we don’t care… actually it is” another teacher said.

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