Helicopter Flying Over Bendigo Identified As The Bendigo Have Your Say Flying F***

A helicopter flying over Bendigo on the weekend has been assisting with tracking down whiners on Bendigo Have Your Say Facebook page.

Some believed it may have been an Army training exercise or even the remake of the TV series MASH, but they were wrong.

The Bendigo Standard can reveal that the helicopter belongs to the Bendigo Have Your Say Flying F*** an offshoot of the said Facebook page that investigates complainers.

On the weekend the BHYS Flying F*** tracked down, arrested and fined at least 40,000 people for complaining about multiple issues, too many to mention. Offenders were detained for 24 hours in the old Gillies Pies factory and tortured with Baby Shark on repeat. People were released after promising not to post stupid crap and improve their grammar.

After release, some people took to the Facebook page to complain they weren’t tortured with BTS.

Bendigo Have Your Say administrator Nathan Tresize said “I’ve been an admin for 10 years. No one cares about your first world problems, that’s why the Flying F*** was created.”

“Anyone can park however they like.” Captain Harold Pong, a pilot for the BHYS Flying F*** said: “Anyone with a $60,000 car or plane has every right to double park and not have some keyboard warrior talk shit about their pride and joy.”

Go to bendigohaveyoursay.com for more information.

The Bendigo Standard
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