Local Woman Discovers She Can Leave Bendigo Have Your Say Anytime She Wants

“I just discovered the unfollow button, when did Facebook add that?” Epiphany Long said upon hearing the news.

One of Bendigo’s most popular Facebook page has almost 40,000 members. It’s still more than Nauru at 14,000.

Bendigo Have Your Say has a policy where anything goes, including leaving.

“So do you mean all I have to do is click unfollow?” Ms Long asked her friends.

“This is huge for me ’cause that’s where I get my news from. I have no idea how I’ll know what’s going on in the world when everyone has a paywall,” Ms Long said. “I really care about random strangers opinions about Married at First Sight.”

Ms Long said she has no idea how she will spend the 15 hours a week that was spent on the Facebook page. “I might use the extra time to go for coffee’s and rejoin a day later.”

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