Local man gives up being ‘That Guy’ on Bendigo Have Your Say for Lent

“I’m giving it up for forty days,” a local man told his friends and family. “It’s what Jesus would have done if he was on Facebook.”

The unnamed local man said it was a difficult decision to quit trying to be right all the time on Bendigo Have Your Say.

“It won’t be easy to dish out my two cents to people who didn’t ask for it to begin with,” the man said. “People need to be told they are wrong. How else will they know they’re stupid?”

“Where else am I going to let everyone know my feelings about vegans and parking? Everyone needs to know what I’m thinking, that’s why the Facebook page was invented” the unnamed man said.

The Bendigo Standard can reveal that the man was a Sale Of The Century contestant in the ’80s but lost out by $5 at the end of Fast Money.

The Bendigo Standard explained to the man that Lent had already started and finishes next Thursday but the man tried to argue that it was in two weeks time until he googled it. “I’m not saying I was wrong, I’m saying it wasn’t my fault,” the man said.

Bendigo have your say can be found at bendigohaveyoursay.com

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