Organisation accused of sexism, corruption, malpractice and theft distances itself from Israel Folau

In recent years Qantas has been investigated for sexism to staff, corruption with fare-fixing, malpractice on safety and theft from employee’s wages.

“But what Israel Folau said is way out of line,” said an organisation spokesman… sorry, spokesperson… shouldn’t assume someone’s gender. That leads to stereotypes and those perpetuate held beliefs that feed into oppression of children’s goals and thus cause a longer lasting stigma and cycle that prevents the obtaining of individual greatness and self-satisfaction beyond gender norms.

Folau’s comment on Twitter yesterday called for hell to come upon homosexuals as well as, well, most Australians really. When you look at it, it starts off having a slap at “drunks”. Which is most of Australia. And then he has a go at “liars”? Folau himself said he was going to respect people and keep divisive comments to himself after this last anti-community tweet. He’s a liar himself then. He’s going to hell for using Twitter. Which considering Twitter, to be honest hell is too good for those on Twitter.

“We’ve had it with our brand name being tarnished by anyone but ourselves,” said a Qantas talking head.

Imagine that. A talking head. No gender. No sex crimes. No prejudiced. Just a head. Talking. And people having to listen and judge the content based on the words. Oh gosh. To be judged not on sex or sexual preference, or the colour of one’s skin, but on the content of their character.

“What a world to be in, to be able to live, obey laws, and not be told by role models that you belong in hell,” said the talking head. “Imagine that.”

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