La Trobe Uni Student’s Study Habit Borders On The Insane

“To start with,” said Hilary Duff, 19, originally from Echuca but now Hilltops Aprt. “Before I start study I like to boil a jug of tea, then rub the tea leaves onto my body, sit with my cat, and we both purr for a while, then I lick the cold tea from a bowl under the kitchen table, and eat a chocolate, then I close my eyes and envisage a quiz where I get all the answers correct, and then I go for a bath to soak the tea leaves some more and breath in the aromas and really get the toxins out and then I have a small snack, maybe a chocolate or some toast with nutella on it, then I sit at my computer and think about the world, you know, really think, how different it would be to live in India, then I look at my notes to really soak it in, then I go for a walk, there’s kangaroos out the back in those trees there, and then I have a pot of tea, and revise a little, then it’s time for a nap. I find that really helps retain everything.”

Miss Duff is doing very well in Health Sciences.

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