Prince Philip Driving School Opens In Bendigo

The Prince Philip Driving School has opened its doors to Bendigo today.

Driving Co-ordinator Barry Datsun said, “The school will prepare young drivers for driving in Bendigo and teach proper behaviour on the roads.”

The school will show you important skills such as:

  • Flipping your car for fun
  • Not wearing a seat belt as you’re Superman
  • 10 things that can be used as the ‘Jesus handle’
  • Indicating: It’s only an option
  • 5 songs guaranteed to get you the girl you’re driving past
  • Overturning convictions and cars
  • Is he waving me in or flipping the bird?
  • How to stereotype drivers without sounding racist
  • The cyclist: Cars best friend
  • Cheat your eye test

“Hurry and book now. Bookings are limited just like Bendigo’s road knowledge,” said Mr Datsun.

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