Father Of Three Asks, “Is It Wednesday?”

“I could have sworn it was no later than Thursday,” said Guy Bush, 32, of Huntly.

In a scene familiar to households across the nation, Mr Bush has asked his family for clarity on the day of the week.

“It’s all been sort of a blur since the kids have been back to school. You’d think it would help, but they keep tricking me that it’s the weekend and they don’t have class,” said Mr Bush.

Falling for the “It’s Saturday” line for three days in a row last week, Mr Bush wasn’t going to accept that it was only Sunday today.

“It really is Sunday?” said Mr Bush.

Yes, it is.

“They said it was Friday, so we’ve just done PE and I was about to crack a beer for the weekend. You mean I have to wait another five days?” said Mr Bush.


“Hell. Oh stuff it! It can be Friday twice in a week,” said Mr Bush.

Like many in his situation, Mr Bush has forgotten he has access to calendars on phones, in media and possibly on a wall in the kitchen like someone from the 90s.

“Oh I remember every now and then. That’s how I found it is was June,” said Mr Bush.

It’s May.

“Oh we’re not doing Simon’s birthday next week then, the little shit,” said Mr Bush.

Yes families around Australia, and indeed the world, are supporting each other and really come together during this time.

The end.

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