Dog Dresses as Cat for a Birthday

“We thought something was a bit fishy,” said party attendee Selma Bouvier, 43, from Long Gully.

An orange cat, or is it ginger, or tabby? (Not really my area. Ed.) named Birney – the Bendigo Health spelling of Bernie, was given a birthday party this week.

“We had all the things cats enjoy, such as dead mice, dead fish, dead native birds and a bowl of milk,” said event promoter Troy McClure.

Except not all was right.

“For one this cat didn’t say meow,” said Patty Bouvier, 43, from Long Gully. “It said grr, and barked, and then piddled on a bush.”

The “cat” also had a long snout with glued on whiskers and wanted to play fetch with a child.

“I’ve never seen a cat so excited to engage with others,” said Ms Bouvier. “It was a bit fishy.”

The party was part of International Cat Day, and was one of many cat related celebrations around the world.

Mr McClure said, “China had a dim sum festival, Egypt entombed a few in shrines, and Alf from the hit TV show Alf had a bonfire come rotisserie.”

Bendigo’s own Birney the tram cat wagged its tail with excitement on its special day, and came heel to the depot starter on request.

“Such behaviour,” said Ms Bouvier. “It was a bit fishy.”

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