Man Declares ‘Love is Blind,’ Breaks Up with Girlfriend for Having 20/20 Vision

Epsom man Will Hart has declared that “love is blind” and promptly ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Emily Parker, for possessing the seemingly unforgivable trait of 20/20 vision. Hart misinterpreted the age-old adage and claimed he couldn’t be with someone who saw things too clearly.

Friends of the couple were left bewildered, with one stating, “We thought Will was just being metaphorical, but he believes love requires visual impairment. It’s like he thinks relationships are a game of hide and seek, and if you can’t see your partner, it must be true love.”

Hart is now reportedly searching for a partner with a captivating blur to their gaze, raising concerns among optometrists about the potential rise in demand for questionable fashion choices in eyewear. As the community tries to make sense of this spectacle, it seems Will Hart is determined to prove that sometimes love is not only blind but also shortsighted.

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