Magic: The Gathering Player Suspended After Failing Drugs Test

A local ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Player from Long Gully has been suspended for testing positive to three banned substances.

22-year-old Long Gullyan Bacardi McCooties was busted for doping during a card tournament. He tested positive for the performance enhancers.

His parents issued a statement saying the substances their son tested positive for were “not performance-enhancing but actually mana.”

The man has also been banned from GUF for two years. The World Gathering Federation (WGF) is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and as such abides by World Anti-Doping Agency rules.

Mr McCooties was later picked up by his parents.

Last year a 12-year-old was banned from The Australian Uno Championships for refusing to say Uno when she only had one card left.

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