Elderly Local Man Saves $1 On Fuel A Year By Rounding Down

An Elderly man has bragged to his bowls club mates this week about how he saved a $1 in fuel last year simply by rounding down.

Albert Gulp from Quarry Hill said “I usually put $20.02 of fuel in the car when I fill up so they round it down. The key is to give them an actual twenty buck note. I remember when petrol was 30 cents a litre.”

Mr Gulp does not believe rounding down does not rip off service stations. He believes the only way to round down is to use cash. “Service stations do the rounding trick all the time, they’re always charging .9 of a cent.”

Mr Gulp told The Bendigo Standard the 2 cents adds up over the year “I reckon I’ve saved at least five dollars. Back in my day, we called them shillings.”

“One time I accidentally mistook the litres for the dollars counter thinking I was putting $40.02 in. I accidentally put 40.02 litres instead and it cost me $58.04. It ruined my day” he said.

“Another time I tried buying just two cents of fuel at a time so I could get it for free but the service station told me where to go on my twentieth time. Not very nice considering I bought twelve Mars Bars and eight dim sims,” Mr Gulp said.



The Bendigo Standard
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