Local Man Claims Yowie Sighting, Turns Out to Be Hairy Neighbour Taking Out the Trash

Resident bushman Bruce McDougall claimed a groundbreaking Yowie sighting in Marong, only to discover it was his hairy neighbour, Gary Williams, putting his bins out.

McDougall, a self-proclaimed cryptozoologist, held a press conference in his shed to reveal the monumental discovery, asserting that the elusive creature had finally been found. Locals, however, pointed out the striking resemblance between the alleged Yowie and Gary Williams, an unfortunate man plagued by copious body hair.

“I knew it was too good to be true,” Mr McDougall said while staring at the photo of Mr Williams. “I thought I finally had the proof to back my research, but it was just Gary putting the garbage out.

Gary Williams, who recently started a lawn mowing business, was unfazed by the mix-up. “Just another day in the life of a hairy bloke,” he told The Bendigo Standard as he scratched his bushy back.

McDougall remains undeterred, vowing to find the real Yowie and prove the creature’s existence.

More to come.

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