Bendigo Brewery Develops Beer That Doubles as Beard Oil

In a stroke of genius with local hipsters stroking their beards in delight, a Bendigo brewery unveiled its latest creation: a beer that doubles as beard oil. Aptly named “Brewdacious Beard Brew,” this revolutionary concoction promises to quench your thirst while keeping your facial fuzz luxurious.

“We saw an untapped market of bearded beer enthusiasts,” said brewmaster Barry Hopsworth, stroking his impressive beard. “Why should they choose between a well-maintained beard and a refreshing brew? Now they can have both!”

The brewery claims that the Brewdacious Beard Brew’s secret blend of hops and essential oils will leave your beard smelling like a pine forest after a rainstorm. However, some patrons have reported odd side effects, including spontaneous harmonica playing and an increased urge to wear suspenders ironically.

Nevertheless, Bendigo’s beer-beard combo is a hit, and the brewery plans to launch other products like “Stache Stout” and “Goatee Gose” shortly. Because, let’s face it, why should your facial hair miss out on the party?

The Bendigo Standard
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