What Hills? White Hills renamed ‘Flat White’

The City Of Greater Bendigo has announced today they have officially changed White Hills to Flat White.

A spokesperson said “We realised that White Hills has more coffee shops than hills. The name is no longer relevant.”

Flat White Mayor John Thongsong said, “White Hills residents love their coffee so much they claimed the Coffee Man at Lake Weeroona their our own.”

“We want to promote the amazing coffee White Hills, I mean Flat White has to offer. When was the last time you saw a hill in White Hills?” he said. “We’re the coffee capital of Bendigo.”

Kangaroo Flat resident Oscar McNelly said, “You’ve got California Gully, Spring Gully, Golden Gully, Maiden Gully and Long Gully, why not have an extra flat?”

“White Hills doesn’t even get snow,” Mr McNelly said.

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