No Food. Bendigo Cinemas Install Body Scanners

Smuggling food into movies may be a thing of the past after Bendigo Cinemas announced the debut of their new body scanners.

The scanners will restrict outside food, drinks, video cameras and multiple people hiding in trench coats.

Bendigo Cinemas spokesperson said, “During a trial, we found 20 large pizzas, a dog and a couple of 10-year-old boys in a trench coat trying to sneak into an MA15+ movie.”

The cinema said the most popular way to smuggle contraband was via inside their pants or under their shirts.

Scanners were trialled overseas unsuccessfully last year with one man smuggling a bag of lolly snakes down his pants. The scanner could not decide to tell the difference between junk food and the man’s junk.

Bendigo Cinemas said “Food smuggling has to stop. How can we continue to sell Tic Tacs for $40 each or large Coke’s for $200? We’ve got staff to pay and more arcade machines to buy.”

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