Darrell Lea To Release The Taste Of Bendigo

Australian Confectionary company Darrell Lea has announced the release of Bendigo Gold, a limited edition Bendigo themed Chocolate bar. It follows the success of Sydney and Gold Coast versions.

We’ve put a city known for its gold, architecture and dragons into a chocolate bar. It’s awesome” said Darrell Manuel-Rodgerson from Darrell Lea.

Bendigo Gold has the flavour of Jim Beam and rampant drug use, with a hint of Highway Patrol.

Each block of Bendigo Gold has a hole in the middle. “The hole isn’t a mistake, its a feature. It also makes it easier to hold as you break it over someone’s head during a fight in Bull Street,” said Mr Manuel-Rodgerson.

Bendigo Gold is now available from every good supermarket that supports farmers.

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