Bendigo’s Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Announced. And Guess What? It’s Not You

In a stunning turn of events at this year’s Bendigo’s Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Awards, the coveted title has been snatched away from the obvious choice: YOU! Despite your unparalleled talent for being a legend in your lunchbox, the award committee somehow overlooked your remarkable achievements.

The committee, known for its impeccable taste, did not honour you for your so-called “contributions to society.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest the winners may have done something extraordinary, like curing diseases or solving world hunger.

The Bendigo Standard reached out to the newly crowned winners for comment, but they were too busy basking in their own glory.

In the meantime, console yourself that at least you’re the undisputed champion of your own living room – a title that no one can take away.

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