A local coffee shop got more than they bargained for this morning.

25-year-old Gaige Anderson dropped into Get Naked Espresso Bar for a morning coffee on the way to work but accidentally exchanged his work suit for a birthday suit before entering the premises.

“There’s no sign on the door saying not to strip,” Mr Anderson said.

An unnamed staff member toldĀ The Bendigo Standard “We pride ourselves for being stripped-back. We didn’t expect someone to take it literally.”

Staff offered Mr Anderson a complimentary banana muffin to help cover himself up.

“How was I supposed to know? Next, you’ll be telling me Soulja Boy isn’t even a soldier or that Dr Dre isn’t a doctor” the man said.

Mr Anderson tried to pay for his coffee but discovered he had left his wallet in his pants.

Remarkably, Mr Anderson left a tip.