Local Man Discovers You Can’t Get Naked At Get Naked Espresso Bar

A local coffee shop got more than they bargained for this morning.

25-year-old Gaige Anderson dropped into Get Naked Espresso Bar for a morning coffee on the way to work but accidentally exchanged his work suit for a birthday suit before entering the premises.

“There’s no sign on the door saying not to strip,” Mr Anderson said.

An unnamed staff member told¬†The Bendigo Standard “We pride ourselves for being stripped-back. We didn’t expect someone to take it literally.”

Staff offered Mr Anderson a complimentary banana muffin to help cover himself up.

“How was I supposed to know? Next, you’ll be telling me Soulja Boy isn’t even a soldier or that Dr Dre isn’t a doctor” the man said.

Mr Anderson tried to pay for his coffee but discovered he had left his wallet in his pants.

Remarkably, Mr Anderson left a tip.

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