Kennington Reservoir Parkrunner Names Newborn ‘Kenny Res’

A Parkrun fan has drawn criticism for the first name he has chosen for his recently born son.

Jim Res has angered his wife and relatives by calling his son Kenny Res, named after Kennington Reservoir.

“I completed my 50th parkrun and wanted to celebrate running the 5k course in less than 30 minutes,” Jim said. “So I filled in the paperwork and made it official. I thought the missus wouldn’t mind. She wanted to call him Michael but I said I work with 3 other Michaels. There’s enough of them out there.”

The Bendigo Standard asked his wife Lauren what she thought of the living tribute. “As soon as I get out of hospital I’m gonna kill him. He might wanna sleep with one eye open.”

Jim said, “I really don’t mind sleeping on the couch, it’s just like camping.”

The Bendigo Standard
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