Miracle Baby Born At Long Gully Splash Park

Long Gully Splash Park can now add “maternity ward” to its impressive list of features. In an incident that can only be described as the aquatic version of a stork dropping off a bundle of joy, a local woman proudly gave birth to a “miracle baby” at the popular water park.

Baby “Gully” entered the world to the symphony of water cannons and the squeals of delight from nearby toddlers.

Nearby unsuspecting splash park parents, more accustomed to handing out sunscreen than swaddling blankets, were thrust into an impromptu midwifery crash course. One attendant told The Bendigo Standard, “I thought my biggest challenge was dealing with overexcited kids, not delivering them!”

As news of baby Gully spreads, some parents consider it the latest trend in alternative birthing methods. “Move over home and water births – it’s all about splash park deliveries now!” exclaimed one enthusiastic parent, already scouting out the splash zone for their future offspring.

Health officials are yet to weigh in on the unconventional birth setting, but the Long Gully Splash Park may soon find itself as the go-to spot for avant-garde arrivals. Who needs a hospital when you can have a refreshing water birth and a splash of adventure all in one?

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