Council to Fix Potholes by Removing All Roads

City of Greater Bendigo has declared an audacious plan to eliminate the problem altogether: removing all the roads. Mayor Andrea Metcalf announced the radical initiative, insisting it’s time for a paradigm shift in transportation.

“We’ve realised the roads are the root of the pothole problem. So, to get rid of potholes, we’re getting rid of roads,” declared Mayor Metcalf at a press conference. The new cityscape will be transformed into a pothole-free utopia, with citizens encouraged to embrace alternative modes of transportation, such as hoverboards, drones, and gyrocopters.

While sceptics question the plan’s practicality, the council remains steadfast in its commitment to a pothole-free future, proving once again they’re not afraid to pave the way – or rather, unpave it.

The Bendigo Standard
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