Bendigo Council Ask Taylor Swift Fans To Fix Roads In Exchange For Eras Tickets

City of Greater Bendigo has come up with a solution for the city’s notorious pothole problem: enlisting the help of die-hard Taylor Swift fans to fix the roads in exchange for coveted tickets to her Melbourne shows.

The potholes, long considered a local hazard and the bane of drivers’ existence, are now being transformed into a pathway to fandom nirvana. Swifties armed with shovels, asphalt, and an unwavering love for Taylor Swift are turning the pothole-ridden streets into a Swiftie paradise.

Resident and Swiftie activist Kellie Sharonstein spoke to The Bendigo Standard about the initiative, saying, “We’ve been singing about Taylor’s ‘Love Story,’ but the real love story is the one between us and these potholes. We thought, why not turn our passion for Taylor into something that benefits the whole community?”

The project has gained traction on social media, with Swifties from across the region flocking to Bendigo with shovels in hand. Some are even wearing T-shirts that read “Swifties: Fixing Potholes, One Taylor Song at a Time.”

Local authorities, initially sceptical of the unconventional approach to road maintenance, have reluctantly embraced the Swiftie-led initiative. Mayor Andrea Metcalf expressed cautious optimism, stating, “It’s hard to argue with the dedication of Swifties when it comes to their queen.”

For now, Bendigo’s roads are getting a facelift, and Swifties are turning their fandom into a road trip they never knew they needed. As for Taylor Swift, she has yet to comment on the unique alliance between her fans and road maintenance, but if history is any indicator, she might write a chart-topping hit about it.

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