Citizens Now Required to Roll D20 for Housing Approval

In a bold move to inject a dose of unpredictability into the housing market, city officials have announced that citizens are now required to roll a 20-sided die (D20) for housing approval. The decision hailed as a groundbreaking fusion of urban planning and tabletop gaming has left residents baffled and reaching for their trusty polyhedral dice.

Prospective homeowners and renters gathered at the town hall, nervously clutching their D20s, as city officials explained the new policy. “We believe in promoting a sense of adventure in pursuing the Australian dream,” declared Mayor Andrea Metcalf, adorned in a wizard’s robe and wielding a staff topped with a 20-sided crystal.

Critics argue that housing decisions should be based on more traditional factors like income, credit scores, and neighbourhood amenities. However, proponents of the D20 system claim it adds an exciting element of chance to the otherwise mundane process.

After rolling a disappointing 3, one renter remarked, “Well, I guess I’m living in a mine. At least it’s cozy.”

As the city embraces this novel approach, citizens are left to ponder the cosmic forces of luck and fate that now determine the roof over their heads. Welcome to the brave new world of real estate, where the dice are loaded, and the housing market is a roll of the dice away.

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