Local Man Gets Arm Replaced With Claw Machine Claw

An Epsom Man had his left arm amputated last week after it became stuck in a claw machine at Centro Lansell.

The man was trying recover chocolates from the vending machine when the claw refused to let go of the prizes. The claw crushed the mans hand in the process.

The SES was unable to detach the claw that seemed to have a mind of its own. In order to save the mans life, an off-duty surgeon amputated his hand after being inspired by the movie 127 starring James Franco.

The surgeons decided to fuse the claw to the mans amputated arm to save his life as an alternative to regular prosthetics.

The man was released this morning from the Bendigo health after having a successful operation. Issues were soon discovered when the man dropped his keys in the drain outside of the building. He tried for 15 minutes to recover his keys with a small crowd forming around him and chanting. The crowd then said “Awwww” when the keys accidentally dropped back down the drain.

The man successfully grabbed the keys 6 hours later on the 99th try.

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