Easter Bunny Flees Egg Hunt After Big Poo Is Mistaken for Chocolate Treat!

Chaos erupted at the easter festival egg hunt when a massive poo was mistaken for a chocolate egg. Parents and children were both stunned and disgusted.

The event was going smoothly until the unexpected incident. One eager child, Timmy, had spotted the giant “chocolate egg” and lunged for it, causing the crowd to gasp in horror.

“I thought it was the biggest chocolate I’d ever seen,” said Timmy, still reeling from the incident. “Boy, was I wrong! The Easter Bunny is gross.”

“This is worse than when I found that nugget in the Kangaroo Flat pool,” says Elsie Baxter.

Mayor Andrea Metcalf called for calm as parents tried to explain the situation to their kids. “We will ensure that next year’s egg hunt is poo-free.”

Meanwhile, experts are left to ponder the Easter Bunny’s diet. “It’s baffling,” said Dr Sharon Park, a local veterinarian. “We’ve never seen such a sizable bunny dropping before, and it has to be a ten-to-fifteen-pounder.”

“I never thought the Easter Bunny could poo like that,” Timmy commented, still in disbelief.

As the hunt ended, parents scrambled to disinfect their children’s hands and baskets.

Parents are now questioning the Easter Bunny’s motives.

The Bendigo Standard
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