Dad & Son Dodgem Duo Ready to Chuck Some Doughies at The Easter Festival

A local father and son duo is reportedly preparing to chuck some doughnuts at this year’s Bendigo Easter Fair after months of rigorous training in the art of dodgem car driving.

Kelvin McAllister and his 5-year-old son, Sean, have been spotted refining their bumping and swerving skills in the abandoned Gillies Pies factory-turned-training facility, which, insiders report, is heavily laden with carnival-themed paraphernalia.

“You can’t just hop in a Dodgem car and expect greatness,” Kelvin explained, polishing his homemade leather dodgem car gloves. “It takes dedication, skill, and an intimate understanding of the bumper-to-bumper TikTok dance that is the dodgem car arena.”

“Other kids have cricket or footy, but Sean and I have dodgem cars,” Kelvin told The Bendigo Standard.

To prepare for their moment in the spotlight, the McAllisters have undertaken an intensive training regimen, which includes early morning bumper sessions, late-night hand-eye coordination drills, and, perhaps most importantly, honing their trash-talking skills. The duo credits their success thus far to a combination of their secret weapon, a strict diet of fairy floss and dagwood dogs.

“We’re gonna show them how it’s done,” says Kelvin. “They might have experience, but we’ve got youth and energy on our side.”

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