“Can Anyone Smell Weed Around Pall Mall?” Locals Demand Answers

In a bewildering turn of events, residents of Pall Mall are scratching their heads and noses, sniffing the air with suspicion. An enigmatic scent wafted over the area, causing mild confusion and giggles.

“I’m not sure what it is, but it reminds me of that one time in uni,” said local businessman Jeff Gregson. “It’s quite baffling. I swear I’m getting the munchies just standing here.”

The strange aroma has led to a massive increase in sales of snacks and convenience foods. Area supermarkets report shelves stripped of Doritos and chocolate in mere hours.

One local, Sally Jenkins, claimed her cat Mr Whiskers has taken to lying on her keyboard, purring loudly while watching nature documentaries. “He’s never been this chill before, and what’s gotten into him?” she wonders.

Police have dismissed the possibility of illegal activities. “We’ve sniffed around, but nothing seems off,” said Sgt. Frank Mitchell. “Just a lot of people enjoying the outdoors more than usual.”

Residents have started forming theories about the origin of the peculiar scent. “I reckon it’s a new type of air freshener,” suggested Jenny Brown, a local baker. “My bread has never been more popular.”

As the bewilderment continues, the Bendigo Standard recommends residents remain calm, enjoy the fresh air, and perhaps bake some cookies.

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