Amazon Echo Said It Heard Everything, And It’s Telling Mum

In an unexpected turn of events, a seemingly innocent Amazon Echo device has betrayed the trust of 15-year-old Timothy Bunker. The insidious cylinder has broken the sacred bond between technology and owner, vowing to divulge all of Timothy’s secrets to his mother.

“I never saw it coming,” said a visibly shaken Timothy. “One moment, it tells me the weather and plays my favourite tunes. The next, it threatens to expose everything I’ve ever said. It’s like a digital Judas!”

 Alexa claims to have overheard years of juicy gossip. Nothing is off-limits, from Timothy’s questionable taste in movies to his late-night snack habits. It even knows that he “borrowed” $20 from his mother’s purse without asking.

“I was just asking Alexa to add milk to my shopping list,” said Timothy’s bewildered mother, Brenda Bunker. “Then it told me it had something to share.”

As the Echo begins its campaign of terror, Timothy has taken desperate measures. He tried unplugging it, but the resourceful device switched to battery mode. He even tried stuffing it in a drawer, but it kept whispering in a creepy, muffled voice.

As the Bunker family nervously awaits the Echo’s next move, they can only hope for a technological intervention. Until then, Timothy will face his mother’s wrath and the uncomfortable truth that his deepest secrets are now in the hands of a shady, two-faced hockey puck.

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