Cooinda Park Playspace Officially Renamed “The Park With The Big Slide”

The City Of Greater Bendigo voted unanimously this week to rename Cooinda Park.

Council spokesperson Kent Fronk told The Bendigo Standard that no one knows what a cooinda is, but everyone knows where the park with the giant slide is.

Jim Fallwell from Kangaroo Flat welcomed the news. “Last weekend, my daughter had her first birthday at cooinda park, but people kept asking if it was the one with the big slide or the one in Strath, which was so annoying.”

Slide enthusiast Dave Jackson said, “I’ve been visiting this park every weekend for thirty years. I come from a family of sliders. Dad was a slider; Mum was a slider, and they called it The Park With The Big Slide too.”

Stage 2 of the park redevelopment will include extending the slide to the entire length and width of the park. It will be the only slide in the world seen from the moon.

Mr Fronk said, “We’re installing new BBQs on the slides so kids can grab a snag from Dad as they fly past.”

The new name change comes into effect next year.

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