Struggle To Sell Creepy Bookends

Tanya and Matt Richardson of Strathdale have been struggling to sell a pair of vintage bookends.

Mr Richardson says, “They’re valuable and unique so I don’t know why we’re not getting any takers. I’ve had them on Gumtree for weeks. Nana always kept them sealed in a box in her shed. No-one was to touch them. When she died Ma said they’d be good for a child’s room.”

Mrs Richardson then discreetly indicated that she wished to speak to the Bendigo Standard. 

“Matt doesn’t believe me, but I once saw a book hover out from between them and levitate in the air, before flying across the room and hitting the wall,” Tanya whispered, clearly panicked. “Matt is in denial about what they’re capable of. Anyone can see, they’re just ….wrong ….

The bookends currently sit on 5-year-old Harry Richardson’s bedroom shelf. 

“I shut them in my wardrobe at night, but in the morning they’re are always back up on that shelf looking at me,” said Harry. 

The Bendigo Standard ceased the interview due to Harry’s distress.

At the time of writing the bookends are still for sale.

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