Evil Genius Captures Giant Heart in Bendigo And Ties It To The Ground For Ransom

“There was a while there when they said Bendigo didn’t have a heart,” said Nasty McEvil, 47, from Mackenzie St West. “Well look at us now, ha ha ha.”

Basically it’s an inflated balloon in the shape of a heart.

“No, ha ha ha, it’s a whole heart, complete with wings, and a target in the middle, and no blood, and I’ve trapped it with cable ties, ha ha ha,” said Mr McEvil.

Seems to be some art installation.

“And if they want it back they’re going to have to give me millions, millions I tell you, ha ha ha.”

Mr McEvil is a little loopy.

“Ha ha ha, I might use it in heart surgery to save my friend the giant. His name is Bill. Everyone likes Bill. His heart has been getting old, and this one will fit nicely, ha ha ha,” said Mr McEvil.

Crazy old loon.

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