EPA Issues Warning On Using Public Toilets In The CBD

The EPA has issued a warning to the public after the public toilets got a flogging during the Easter Fair.

The smell was so bad that small amounts of fecal matter made its way into Bendigo creek. The odour could be smelled as far as Hargreaves Mall and Golden Square.

The smell forced the parade to come to a halt for 20 minutes while the smelt was dealt with.

“We advise people to think about their food choices if they plan to give our public toilets a workout” Bendigo council spokesperson Leeanda Wright said. “No one likes being hit with a giant poo bat when they walk over the creek.”

The EPA strongly suggests holding it in while visiting the CBD.

“I thought the smell was one of the mall rats,” an unnamed person said.

Volunteers in the mall have been handing out gas masks until the issue is dealt with.

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