Long Gully Man Completes Flight To Space In A Rocket Bong

When he was 5, Dagger Jones dreamed about going into space. This week his dream came true when he and his crew went into orbit in a bong shaped rocket.

“It was hard to do any training as all the gyms and pubs were shut due to lockdown.” Mr Jones said.

Last night at 6 pm local time at Bendigo Airport, the engines started on Sapling II, Mr Jones, his crew and 50 kg of cannabis rode to the edge of space. “You can’t get much higher than this” Mr Jones said.

The rocket was christened Sapling II by Stephen Hawking in 2005 — and, not surprisingly, hoping to hitch a ride someday.

Unfortunately, one crew member had to stay behind to light the giant bowl.

Sapling II successfully touched down to Earth at 7:05 pm.

“At least it doesn’t look like a giant dick,” an onlooker said.


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