Local Man Angry Santa Didn’t Deliver Torque Wrench With Bike

A local man has complained about Santa on Bendigo Have Your Say after discovering Santa didn’t include a torque wrench with his son’s bike last Christmas.

While reading the racer instructions Daniel Tuttle from Maiden Gully discovered he needed a torque wrench. The racer bike was purchased by Kris Kringle at Kmart, Kangaroo Flat. Upon the discovery, he posted his anger on social media and Bendigo Have Your Say. He said, “If Santa really cared about my son’s bike his Elves would have bothered to include a torque wrench.”

People responded with similar stories on Bendigo Have Your Say with people accusing Mr Claus and his Elves of not doing their job and even doubting his existence.

The backlash was quick and force Santa to pull the pin on his social media accounts.

The ACCC has received revised its rules on receiving refunds from Santa, Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and religious prosperity preachers.

Mr Kringle refused to comment.

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