Local man surprises workmates with his incredible weather predicting skills

A local man has displayed an uncanny talent for predicting the weather. Rick ‘Eski’ Cooler who works in IT has never got a weather report wrong in the past 20 years.

His co-workers have been flawed by his incredible ability “It’s like its a superpower, almost supernatural. I don’t know how he does it” said his friend Mark Gonaway. “I guess that’s why he keeps getting Employee of the Month.”

Mr Cooler prefers to rely on his intuition. “When my hand shakes like this it means a storm is brewing.”

“I predicted the Eaglehawk tornado of 2003 two hours before it happened,” Mr Cooler said. “I also predicted the flood of 1853.”

He said he knew he had a special gift of weather predicting when he was 5 when he successfully predicted his family reunion getting washed out. His parents Peter and Mary said, “He was a horrible kid but our holidays were fantastic. His Grandma would call asking if she should hang the washing out” they said.

The Bendigo Standard put Mr Cooler’s incredible skill to the test. We asked him to predict this weekend’s weather. “Saved by the bell, my phone is ringing,” He said.

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