News Flash: Clogs Doesn’t Sell Wooden Shoes

Local Dutchman Peter Van Der Noogan was shocked yesterday when he tried to buy shoes from a local pizza shop.

“It’s is like trying to buy a cat in a bag, you know?” said Van Der Noogan.

The local pizza shop did try to offer some assistance.

“They said they could mould some dough into a boat shape that a foot could fit inside of, but I said, That sounds uncomfortable and rather silly,” said the man trying to buy shoes made of hard wood.

Mr Van Der Noogan plans to continue his search.

“I believe there is iShoes, which is a strange name for a shop. What do they think they are? An Apple iStore? Ha ha ha. But you never know how the cow catches the hare, true?” said van der Noogan.

And so the search for appropriate Netherlands clothing continues.

“You can’t give a ring to make a monkey attractive and I right, you know?” Mr Van Der Noogan said.

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