Bendigo Council Welcomes New Robot Mower Overlords

Manual labour will soon be a thing of the past after the Bendigo Council deployed an army of robot mowers this week.

At an official ceremony this morning, Mayor Margaret O’Rouke said: “I, for one, welcome our new robot mower overlords.”

“We bring you love,” one of the robots said.

“Who wants to hire someone looking for work when you can get a robot to do it for far less?” Irma Gobb from the City Of Greater Bendigo said.

When the robots aren’t busy cutting grass they will be assisting with law enforcement in the mall and giving out free hugs. Each robot is equipped with a stun gun.

“Safety is paramount. The robots artificial intelligence has been set to good. We taped over the switch so there is no way it can be set to evil without removing the tape” Ms Gobb said.

But not everyone is liking the new robots. “They’re the self-serve checkout of mowers,” local know-all Gertrude Fork said. “They’re taking all the jobs that no one wants to do.”

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